You are invited to a special, unique one to one.

Step towards God and you will discover that He’s already stepped closer to you.

Imagine being at an audience with someone you respect and admire. You want to have on your life what that someone has on their life. A select few of you are gathered with that person to eat and talk together. You talk and listen and your heart burns! It starts to get late, people have to leave, until, eventually, only you are left. You could leave, like the others, but there is the chance to stay, talking late into the night, pouring your heart out and hearing deep wisdom. You choose to stay.

I love worship meetings. I love coming with no agenda, and with no definite end. Nothing but Him and us. When the meeting is over, when the songs are sung, I know there’s a further invite. A personal invite. An invite to go secretly deeper.

Draw near to God and he will draw near to you. Do it now as you read this. Slow your reading. Slow your reactions. Step into the moment of meeting Him now.

We come humbly. Going low. Moving, with every moment, closer to childlike reliance on Him for everything. The path of thankfulness. Thank you Father for giving me life; for making me; so giving me the chance to know you. I am totally reliant on you – even to know you. Please reveal your heart to me more. I step in, trust, know that you want to show me yourself. That’s why you made me. I trust, Lord, with ever more of my heart. I don’t rely on my ability to know you; my own ability to work out what you are like; I acknowledge that I need you in all – in all my ways. In my ways I would never meet your ways, but start to reveal your ways to me. You are revealed in your ways. You are in your ways. I am totally reliant on you even directing me to know you. I step into you leading my paths even now; you are leading my paths; you are leading my knowing you – in this moment. I sink into the moment of knowing you; I become surrounded by the moment of you leading me; revealing yourself to me. You are doing it now. Now. I trust. I linger…

James 4:8
Proverbs 3:5-6