We’re excited to announce that the Ark Community Church, Bedmond and Purefire, in partnership are putting on a weekend of worship and encounter called ‘Mahanaim – where heaven meets earth’. The name is taken from Genesis 32:2 which briefly describes a curious happening. Jacob meets, and we are left to speculate what exactly happened, with some angels of God. The experience was wondrous enough for him to to announce ‘this is the camp of God!’. He then names the place ‘Mahanaim’, meaning two camps – presumably Jacob’s camp and God’s camp.

That name sets the tone for this weekend. It is going to be a place of meeting with God and Him meeting with us, in encounter and worship. A schedule and timetable can be found here. There is no charge for this event, just come ready to give whatever the Lord puts on your heart.

The event is spread over Saturday 19th September and Sunday the 20th of September.

Go directly to registration.