“I was hungry for God but didn’t know how to pursue Him and didn’t really know what being in an intimate relationship with Him looked like…”

That statement and one’s similar to it we hear many times over. As we heard it, our hearts were stirred for a deeper level of input into a handful of people. From there, our internship was born.

why internship?

How does change happen in our lives? How do we really learn from others? Many years of being involved with various classroom approaches to equipping people led us to wanting more. We have seen that most learning happens as we ‘do life’, whether it is ministry, talking on a plane, or just talking over coffee. How do we truly help people to live in intimacy with God and walk in His ways? How do we see the next generation of young sons and daughters of God rising up to not just know about, but live in their inheritance? It’s not knowledge alone that we need, but experience – followed by understanding – followed by doing – until it becomes part of our lives. It is hard to fit that into a fixed programme of subjects, that are scheduled to follow one another, whether we have made the previous topic part of our lives or not. Many times we are not ready to learn too much about the next thing until we have dealt with our hearts in the previous encounter.

Jesus spent three years with his disciples. They heard him teaching the crowds, but they also had ‘back stage’ access to ask him deeper questions. They had the chance to ask about their lives and how he saw it applying to them. He not only told them to go and do miracles, he showed them what a lifestyle of miracles was like and what leads to it. He lived out his life of intimacy with Father until they could not bare it anymore and cried ‘teach us to pray like that!’. He waited for their questions. He provoked them to ask why they were afraid. He helped them grow where they could see they needed to grow. But more than that… He showed them how to grow in places in their hearts where they could not see. He showed them different ways of viewing reality that they had not seen. None of them realised they could walk on water, calm storms or feed a multitude. He did wonders that challenged their mindsets.

The internship aims to challenge your mindset, provoke you to deeper intimacy and encounter and show you the door to enter into that. It teaches certain truths again and again until they become reality to you. It gives you the chance to give away to others what you are learning. It shows you that the acts of God are not just ‘one offs’ in our lives, but something He calls us to live in. It calls you to live from the heavens to earth and provokes you to become familiar with the heavens and how they work. In short, it is not just knowing about God, but knowing Him experientially and walking in His ways. Then favour, miracles, joy, deep challenge, death to self and compassion that changes lives starts to become a flow.

We don’t have a ‘package’. God takes us where we are and moves us on. We aim to do the same with what we have to give. As you will learn, we can only consistently give what we have in our own lives. We will do that. We will show you a door, that once you have gone through, there is no going back!

Our internships are self-funded and time limited. You need living expenses and travel costs. The usual time for a first phase is three months. Accommodation is in a nearby YWAM community.

Are you hungry? Are you are stirred? Then contact us and we will pray about whether it is right for you to be with us.

from an intern’s perspective

“I was hungry for God but didn’t know how to pursue Him and didn’t really know what being in an intimate relationship with Him looked like. Practically, I didn’t believe I had ever heard God’s voice, and while I believed that He wanted to speak to me, He never would, and I certainly wasn’t good or fixed enough to hear Him.

“Through being with Purefire, I soon realised how wrong I was! I found that God was immediately interested in knowing me just as I was, and I didn’t have to deal with all my sin and become holy before I could come to Him. This year has been transformational in my relationship with God, growing deeper in intimacy and love. More than simply being encouraged and nurtured throughout the year though, I’ve been equipped to continue pursuing Him, which is invaluable.

“My hunger for God has become insatiable. I’ve found more life in God than I ever dreamt I could, and I now want to spend my life seeking Him.

“Alongside everything else, God’s shown me pathways of accelerated growth, such as when you give freely what you’ve received, God blesses you with more than I could ever have given!

“I was also totally emotionally locked down, but over the year God has taken me and is taking me through a process of softening my heart. I’ve seen incredible change in the way I react to situations and I’ve begun to walk in greater and greater freedom of my heart.

“To me, this has been the single most valuable year of my life, and I’m very grateful that I’ve been blessed to be here.”