Humility is so often misunderstood. It is not feeling insignificant. It is not the absence of boldness and confidence. It is not comparing yourself unfavourably with others. Christ was humble and he was none of the above. True humility is total reliance and dependence upon God.

To be taught by Holy Spirit I am totally reliant and dependent on Him to teach me. He will teach me. He loves to teach me. He is in me to teach me. When I am dependent upon Him, I allow myself to be impacted by His constant teaching of me. It can now reach me. It is a wonderful reality that He is always, totally available and always, totally dependable.

“I write these things to you about those who are trying to lead you astray, but the anointing that you received from him abides in you, and you have no need that anyone should teach you, but his anointing teaches you about everything…” 1.John 2:26-27

We are not capable, able, or meant to learn apart from Him. Without Him we can not truly know anything. True knowing requires a true perspective, that only He can show us, and a true experience that only He can give us.

Read again,

“..and you have no need that anyone should teach you”

This is not meant to lead us into the arrogant statement “I do not ever need to listen to people telling me things again.” It is meant to lead you to a reliance and confidence in the Holy Spirit to teach you however you hear teaching, through others, a heavenly encounter, or the whisper of the Holy Spirit in your ear. It is meant to lead us to humility in every situation of learning, and with that humility comes confidence in Him. In the above scripture, John is saying that you do not need someone else to point out that what these teachers are telling you is false. He is saying that you have the Holy Spirit within you (the anointing). He is there within and upon you, actively guiding you in what is true, as you listen to people.

So He will teach us. We are dependent on Him to teach us, and He will do it. That dependence is not a desperation that leads us to panic and grasp to get understanding. It is a restful reliance. Like a young child is reliant on its parents to provide. And the Holy Spirit is a good provider… the best!

This does not mean that I cannot initiate. It does not mean that I cannot start asking to learn. I can and do ask questions. However, I am totally reliant on Him teaching me in His way. He may need to answer other questions that I am not yet asking before He can get to the questions I am asking! Often our questions reveal a wrong understanding or heart attitude that Holy Spirit will work on first.


Learning is Relational

Everything with God is relational. He is pure, concentrated personhood! Personality and being come from Him. He is the most personal and relational being there is. All our learning will not be mere facts, but a drawing into further intimacy with Him and His ways. Everything else is just knowledge that leads to pride. That is, the having and holding of knowledge independent of relationship with Him. The pride of knowledge.

Holy Spirit invites us into relating with Him. Oneness with Him. He’s given us this oneness with Him, He now wants us to experience it.

“But he who is joined to the Lord becomes one spirit with him.” 1.Corinthians 6:17

This oneness is not merely the mingling of two substances so that they become inseperable. This is a relational oneness. It’s an intimacy, a dance, a merging, a marriage that is His Spirit within our spirit and our spirit within the Holy Spirit. Neither loses their uniqueness, but each becomes absorbed in the union and dance of intimacy. An ongoing dynamic learning of and about one another. This is the wonder that we become more intimately one in the dance of love.

Holy Spirit teaches us relationally and intimately. Intimacy with Him is the start and finish of this. This intimacy is not something that we earn or have to strive in a panicked way to get. We are invited to walk deeper and deeper in that oneness. It’s a free gift given to us. He loves us, and invites us to dance!


Waiting and Renewing

“but they who wait for YHWH shall renew their strength;
they shall ascend as the eagles;
they shall run and not be weary;
they shall walk and not faint.” Isaiah 40:31

When we think of the word ‘wait’ in English, it can have connotations of passivity. We wait for Christmas to come. We wait for the end of work. We wait someone to call us. That’s not the flavour of the Hebrew behind the word translated to ‘wait’. The root meaning of the word is to ‘bind together’. It has in mind the image of two threads being wrapped around each other until they become one larger thread. This sort of waiting is not passive, it is active. We actively cooperate with the motion of the Holy Spirit. We bend and dance with Him as He wraps himself around us. He is right now, as you read this, moving around you, to entwine Himself with you relationally more and more. He seeks that you would know each other more. To bind means to yield yourself in cooperative dance as he teaches you. It means to go with His movements and moments as He acts on your life in the now. It involves praise, conversation, bowing, kissing, questioning, pondering, listening, watching, laughing together, being confused and allowing the confusion to become clearer as you look and ask. It’s a dance. It’s a whirlwind.

He is the active partner in renewing you. He is the primary mover in renewing your mind. We were never meant to renew our minds by our own effort, but in active response and entwining with His initiative. His initiative which is active NOW. And is always active now! He presses in to us.

“Do not be conformed to this world (Kosmos), but be transformed (changed, as in made completely new) by the renewal of your mind…” Romans 8:2

He transforms us as we entwine with Him working on our mind. Our mind is not in our head. Our brain is in our head. Our mind is our deep thoughts, our deep feelings, our heart, it is locked together with our body. Our muscles remember the traumatic incidents and our fearful response. Our emotions respond ,whether we think them rational or not, with locked in, animal like, responses of fight or flight to stressful situations. Our fallen minds have become beast-like. Our minds have impulses and deeply held beliefs, locked in with experiences and our reactions to them. These are held in our brains and bodies, hearts and kidneys. This renewing, this rewiring is a whole being thing! It is the recollection and restoration of ourselves. We begin deeply divided and broken. The life of God comes inside us, and now it is breaking out. But a breaking out in a supernaturally creative way, not a destructive explosive way. The real you is coming together, being fully formed and is being revealed from the inside out. Not just a better old you, but you are being transformed outwardly, in your mind, to resemble the new inward you. The Christlike you in your entire being. Glory!

Teaching is never meant to be mere knowledge transfer. It is meant to be transformational. It is a process done in relationship with the Holy Spirit that manifests the fulness of Christ in our lives. It is done in relationship with Him and it leads us into manifesting a relationship – the oneness between Him and us.

Allow it to begin now. He is saying ‘Yes’ to interacting with you and transforming you so respond with an ‘Amen’! Allow your prayer language to come out. Allow your spirit to spreak and utter mysteries. Abandon yourself to it. Let your spirit express itself in richer tones, different sounds and frequencies than it has ever done before. Allow tones and tunes to dance on the spirit utterances you get. Allow it to alert you to your spirit. To His action in your Spirit. Abandon yourself and go where it takes you now in the next moments. Allow Him to move over your whole mind, your whole being, your whole body. He is pressing in to reveal, to undo, to bring you back together, to show you the Christ image in your being that has been planted and is breaking out. Don’t rely on your own brain’s thoughts. Break through the membraine of resistance. the one that says ‘You are acting mad’, ‘What are you doing?’ ‘You are making this up’ ‘You don’t deserve this, you have too much sin’ . Those are the mere potestations of the Kosmos, the world order, trying to squeeze the life out of you. Haha! In you is the one who overcame the world! Christ in you, the hope of glory, will be revealed, and the Holy Spirit delights to be doing that job in you.

As you stand up, having read this article, invite Him into every thought, feeling, even your physical body. Give yourself wholly to Him. Yield your being. Do the washing up, conscious of Him in you, flowing throughout you, enjoying life with you, shaking your emotional responses within you. Go to your work thoughts, opening the doors inside to allow Him in to every knook and crany of your thinking. Flow with Him! Learn from Him. Be with Him.


Paul Hopkins
August 2013