Here’s something new.

It’s not going to be a teaching conference, though there will be teaching. not a worship conference though there will be worship. We’re going to facilitate us moving into deeper rythmns of living from the heavens in our lives. It’s for YWAMers, but we’re letting a few non-YWAMers in. We’ll cap it at about 30 people, and we have about 12 people booked in already. Want to know more? Message us and we’ll explore together whether it would be something you would love to be at. Glory! Paul, Purefire Ministries

**Heavenly citizens**
Together **we will gather to look** at how to live in our heavenly citizenship. **Grow deeper** in your understanding and wisdom of how the Kingdom of heaven works, the role of the angelic, the great cloud of witnesses and your place in the heavenly courts. **Explore developing** a ‘hidden’ life in Him that impacts your ‘seen’ life on earth. **Come and put into practice** rhythms that help you live in intimacy with the Father in the heavens. **Learn how** to bring the Kingdom with you from heaven to earth, secure in the new reality within you in Christ.
We’ll probably get a’ ‘hebraic’ rhythm going of starting the day in the evening with worship and relating together with input, sending us into the night, learning to harness the dream realm. Then the morning will be mystic teaching intensive, afternoons a breather, and then starting again in the evening with another ‘hebraic’ day.

It’s going to be a ‘flat’ event, that is not heavy on a leadership structure with a team doing it all. It’ll be US – whoever has come. We won’t be coming with leadership labels or learning skills that will make us better leaders, we will be engaging with the heavens personally. Of course, that will make us better at whatever we do – but perhaps not ‘better’ in how the world sees things!

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