Our mandate is to ignite hunger, connect the hungry and raise up an army of mature disciples who will carry His love, His Presence and His supernatural Kingdom into every area of life.

Purefire has a local and an international expression.

Locally, we seek to co-labour with God to build a ‘centre of light’.  This is a culture where the hungry gather, where there is a devotion to going deeper with God and we grow together in His Presence.  It is an environment where God is at home, and His presence starts to manifest supernaturally.  It is a dynamic where individuals are empowered to live bathed in His presence, love and transformational power not just whilst in a meeting but in their everyday lives as well.  We equip people to be involved in supernaturally natural outreach.

Internationally, we travel around the UK, Europe and the rest of the world taking this fire of His Presence to churches, groups of churches, leadership teams and mission workers.

Purefire Ministries hosts conferences, runs training events locally, nationally and internationally.  We facilitate worship and ministry events whilst also speaking, teaching and demonstrating the reality of the ‘Kingdom at hand’ wherever we go.


Paul Hopkins began ministry in the missions movement, Youth With A Mission in 1987 and has travelled extensively speaking and demonstrating the love and power of Jesus in many nations. Paul with his wife Kathryn, founded Purefire in 2008 after further encounters with Jesus and the power of His truth had impacted their lives profoundly. Purefire was born out of a vision to take that freedom and supernatural reality to others and through them to whole communities.

Paul speaks in a relaxed, interactive style and is at home speaking to hundreds or ten. His heart is to impart profound truth that deeply impacts. This truth leads to transformational experience of God , His ways and His Word. Paul’s greatest passion is the presence of the Lord. Tangible expressions and signs of His presence often follow with healings, new freedom and release in hearts, as the realities of the heavenly dimensions break in. He inspires people to go deeper in their intimacy with the Holy Spirit, so that their lives are transformed, not just in a meeting, but as they encounter Him in their day to day life.

Paul is also passionate that the Church be raised up as the beautiful bride of Christ, full of love and glory. His vision is for the Church to be equipped to live in her authority as sons and daughters of the King, knowing they are loved by the Father. His passion is for the Church of ‘ordinary’ believers to realise that they are extraordinary believers designed to make extraordinary impact through faith in love.

If you would like to invite Paul Hopkins to a ministry engagement please get in touch using the contact form.